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Grow Your Community Calgary|Mohkinstsis Tote bags

Make an impact where you can.


So happy to share these 100% recycled cotton tote bags that we designed in collaboration with Grow Calgary and 1% For the Planet. 50% of all profits from these tote bags will be donated to the farm and continuing to grow fresh food and provide access for Calgarians who face food insecurity.


A little more about grow:


"Grow Calgary is Canada’s largest urban community farm. We are a nonprofit organization that grows fresh produce for social agencies in Calgary with food access programs. Thanks to our volunteers and the generous spirit of the community, we have managed to donate to over 40 Compassionate Food Access Agencies in Calgary, with 95% of our recipients being women and children. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all residents of Calgary, especially those who are vulnerable and living in poverty, have consistent access to healthy, local food.


Founded in 2011, we saw our first harvest in 2013. As of May 2023, we are celebrating 10 years in the fight against food insecurity! We believe in our fundamental rights to access food and shelter. More than that, we view urban agriculture as a feasible, immediate response to food access & food dignity among food-insecure Calgarians living below the poverty line. We donate 100% of the fresh food we grow".

Grow Your Community Recycled Cotton Tote Bag.

Excluding GST/HST
  • Material Details: 6 oz. Recycled Natural Cotton

    Width: 14.55 inches

    Height: 15 inches

    Spot clean as needed. Machine wash on delicate inside out.

    1% For the Planet


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